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Stacks & Chimney Liners
Here are some of the more popular accessories for your stacks and liners:

Body flanges
Lateral breaches
Rain diverters
Condensation collection systems
Guy wires
Lightning protection
Mist eliminators
Instrumentation ports
Expansion joints
An-Cor manufactures free standing, guyed and guided stacks plus chimney liners of all practical diameters and heights. Stacks can be designed integral with other equipment such as scrubbers, where all loads and moments are evaluated to assure reliable performance. FRP liners manufactured by An-Cor provide outstanding corrosion protection for masonry and steel chimneys.

An-Cor stacks and chimney liners can also be made electrically conductive, for static electricity bleed-off, and fire retardant. Fire retardant equipment meets ASTM E84 Class I and Class II flame spread ratings as needed.

Installed Stack Liner & Elbow Breach
Installed Stack Liner & Elbow Breach
(31' diameter x 450' in 600' high Stack)
Guide Stack
Guide Stack

Chimney Liner
Chimney Liner