AN-COR Provides LOW COST Solutions

An-Cor offers STANDARD DESIGN Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
process equipment, enabling lower cost solutions to process containment requirements!

  check Whatever your application An-Cor has a solution. An-Cor offers Custom equipment with specialized design,
engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services in accordance with all specifications: ASME RTP-1
and Section X Stamped or Non Stamped; ASTM D3299, D4097, D3982 and D2996 plus PS15-69 when specified.
  check An-Cor also offers high quality STANDARD DESIGN equipment that provides solutions for any budget, tight delivery schedule and quality requirement needed.
  check An-Cor’s STANDARD DESIGN equipment includes:

● Tanks & Vessels  ● Proprietary Brine King Salt Dissolvers  ● Pipe & Fittings
● Proprietary Scrubbers Designs (Wet Master, Gas Master Absorption, Fume Master) ● Ductwork
● Proprietary Centrifugal and Axial Fans  ● Grating, Ladders & Handrails

  1. Fits a broad range of applications and provides low cost solutions.
  2. Is well engineered, proven over time and meets all ASTM standards as a minimum.
  3. Includes standardized materials such as: nozzles, manways, lift and anchor lugs, ladder, platform and handrail attachments, cribbing and opening covers, resins, cure systems, reinforcements, 100 mil corrosion barriers and pigment colors.

CUSTOM services include:
          ASME RTP-1 Stamped and/or FRPI Certified equipment, unique or complicated design and engineering, manufacturing process
          modifications, procurement of low volume or non-standard materials, quality control program supplements, field fabrication
          and installation and longer project cycle times.

Standard Desigtn Brine King Tanks
Brine King Tanks
Standard Design Fans
Centifugal Fans

Standard Design Pipe & Fittings
Pipe & Fittings
Standard Design Scrubbers

Standard Design Duct & Fittings
Duct & Fittings