An-Cor DKG | Products - Tanks & Vessels
Tanks & Vessels
Vertical or horizontal
Above ground, in ground or underground
On a flat foundation, elevated or supported in a steel superstructure
Flat, sloped, ASME dished and elliptical heads plus open top
30, 45 and 60 degree ASME toriconical bottoms

Removable and hinged covers
Agitator supports
Stuffing boxes, packing glands and shaft seals
Internal baffles
Dip and sparge pipes
Customized internals for various processing needs
Support clips and brackets
Heating systems
Jacketed insulation
Level indicators
Site tubes, glasses and windows
Calibration strips
Pressure relief devices
Hazardous labeling

An-Cor manufactures a wide variety of bulk chemical storage tanks and process vessel types as well as configurations, with both standard and custom sizing available. Being the very first ASME RTP-1 accredited vessel manufacturer in the world, holding stamp number RTP-001, An-Cor is known worldwide for leadership in vessel design and quality. An-Cor can also provide FRPI Certified tanks and vessels.

The varieties manufactured include:

ASME RTP-1 Code Stamped (full vacuum through 15 psig)
FRPI Certified
Pressure and vacuum vessels
Seal tanks
Storage, mix, reaction and settling
Bins, hoppers and silos
Stationary and portable
Water traps
Barometric Condensers
Filter boxes
Sinks, sumps, trays, pans, troughs and trenches
Field wound, manufactured, fabricated and assembled

Insulated Tank
Insulated Tank
Aeration Tank, 14’ diameter
Aeration Tank, 14 diameter
RTP-1 Certified Vessel
Sodium Hypochlorite Tank
Sodium Hypochlorite Tank
Furan Rectangular Tank
Furan Rectangular Tank
Furan Knock-Out Pot
Furan Knock-Out Pot
Barometric Condenser
Barometric Condenser
Vertical Process Vessels
Vertical Process Vessels