An-Cor DKG | Products - Scrubbers
Varieties of scrubbers and internals supplied include:

Packed bed
Sieve tray
Cyclone separators
Mist eliminators
Air washers
Stripper columns
Dehumidification chambers
Bio filters
Quench chambers
Cascade Tower

Distributor troughs, trays & piping
Integral support rings/ledges
Tube sheets
Packing supports
Diffusion plates
Bed limiters
Packing media
Mist eliminators
Spray nozzles
An-Cor manufacturers a wide variety of scrubbers and internals for process engineers in the air pollution control field, whether working directly at the plant level or with original equipment manufacturers supporting the plants themselves.

Handling tough chemistries, high temperatures and pressures, abrasive particulate, high air flows and pressure drops as well as heavy support plate loading are only some of the challenges overcome with An-Cor engineered equipment. Scrubbers can be made abrasion resistant, electrically conductive and fire retardant. To provide extra quality assurance, An-Cor can also apply the ASME RTP-1 stamp and FRPI Certify your scrubbers.

Furan Scrubber
Furan Scrubber
Cascade Tower
Cascade Tower
Scrubber Internals
Scrubber Internals - Distributor
Cascade Tower Absorber & Recirculation Tank
Absorber & Recirculation Tank