An-Cor DKG | Products - Structurals & Supplies
An-Cor provides ladders, platforms, handrails and staircases for many of the tanks, vessels, scrubbers and stacks manufactured.
Each structure is designed and prefit as part of an equipment package to help minimize fit-up problems and the construction phase of the project.

FRP Supplies
An-Cor custom packages materials and supplies for performing fiberglass reinforced plastic laminating work or training in the field. Resins, pastes and finish coats are pre-mixed to meet specific laminate design requirements, with hardeners plus all hazardous materials labeling and shipping paperwork provided.

Reinforcements are also offered pre-cut to specifications, packaged and labeled for ease of use when joining components or performing simple repairs. Specialty buckets, cups, stir-sticks, gloves, rollers and brushes can be supplied as a convenience too.

All FRP supplies come with simple to follow instructions for basic use and are backed by An-Cor technical support.

FRP Supplies